Guanghua Newsletter No.13, 2020.10.17

Weekly Briefing: 

  1. 6th week of the Fall Semester; 
  2. Speech Contest on Nov 08/ 11月8日将进行班级演讲比赛; 
  3. 【中国文化史系列讲座】10/17, Saturday, 9-11am;
  4. Zoom Class Sign-in; 
  5. Tuition Payment and Refund; 
  6. 光华华人协会第二届理事会选举将于12月份进行 / Election of 2nd Guanghua Chinese  Association Council is scheduled for December/2020. Stay tuned 


1. 6th week of the fall Semester; 

If you need any help for registration, class or anything of our school, we are here for you.  Hotline: 215-908-3619, 215-715-8261. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  1. Speech Contest on Nov 08/11月8日进行班级演讲比赛; 

演讲比赛: 受疫情影响,今年演讲比赛全部线上用 Zoom 进行 

演讲比赛时间:各中文班的班级比赛时间是 11/8, 年级比赛时间是 11/15,由团队成员和 老师担任评委。 具体比赛规则和安排随后发出。请学生做好准备。 双语班将直接进行年级 比赛,比赛时间是 11/8, 学校团队成员担任评委; 

Speech Contest: Due to COVID-19 impact, all speech contest will be online via Zoom.  Contest time:All Chinese classes (except CES) will have class level contest on 11/8 and grade  level contest on 11/15. Members from school management team and teachers will be  the judges. Detailed contest rules and arrangements will be sent out shortly. Please  prepare accordingly. All CES classes will have contest on 11/8 and all CES student are  welcome to participant. Members from School Management team will be the judges.  

  1. 【中国文化史系列讲座】10/17, Saturday, 9-11am

本次讲座的题目是【三星堆和殷商,文明的喷发】,中国历史从新石器进入青铜时代,华 夏文明开始了,这是一个激动人心的文明大提速阶段。 由于上一讲依然有 1/3 的内容没有 讲完,本周六我们 9 点准时开始。 

本讲座适合中文八年级以上懂中文的孩子,家长和成人。欢迎有兴趣的朋友。 Yue Zhang is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. 

Topic: Chinese Culture History 

Time: October 17, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

 时间: 周六上午9点 Meeting ID: 457 684 9486 

Passcode: guang_hua 

  1. Zoom Class Sign-in; 

据家长反映,有迟到登陆的学生没法进入教室的情况。这是因为,出于安全原因, Zoom 设 置了waiting room。如果学生迟到,老师在上课过程中不一定能分心注意到迟到的同学在等 待。我们要求家长配合老师教学,请学生提前5分钟并实名登陆,有问题学校和老师也有时 

间帮助解决,而不影响上课。否则老师授课过程中可能无法快速识别waiting room里的等待的 学生,会导致一定时间的等和等待和延误。谢谢配合。 

Please sign in your Zoom classroom 5 minutes earlier with your REAL NAME. For Security reason,  Zoom enabled a function called waiting-room. If student is late, teacher may not notice someone is  waiting there and may cause extra waiting time. We strongly encourage students to sign in their  zoom class on time with their real name. Thanks.  

  1. Tuition Payment and Refund;

a) In case no payment has been made yet, payment is OVER-DUE for the account. Please arrange payment accordingly. You may use paypal online or mail your check to our office. $10 late fee penalty has been added the account after October 4th. 

 Mailing address for tuition check:  

 Guanghua Chinese Association (GHCA),  

PO Box 1702, Blue Bell, PA 19422 

 Please be sure to write your family ID on your check for reference. 

 请务必在支票上注明 Family ID,以便学校入账。谢谢。 

b) In case refund is due for the account, school will start to process refund on Week 7th.

6. 光华华人协会第二届理事会选举将于12月份进行 / Election of 2nd Guanghua Chinese Association Council is scheduled for December/2020. Stay tuned 

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