Guanghua Newsletter No.3, July 26, 2020

Updates: 1. Registration is open for 2020-2021 School year; 2. Chinese AP exam results of this year/今年Chinese AP考试成绩 3. Please update your email/contact info of your account; 4. New classes offered; 5. Introduction of new teachers; ______________________________________________________________________

1. 光华新学年注册已于7月12日开始。目前已有五百多人次注册。基于目前的情况和出

于学生健康的考虑,光华秋季学期的课程将继续通过虚拟Zoom教室进行教学。 Registration for the coming school year has started on July 12. At present, more than 500 people have already registered. Based on the current Covid19 situation and student health considerations, Guanghua's fall semester courses will continue to be taught through the virtual Zoom classroom. The school will conduct an assessment at the end of 2020 and make arrangement for the spring semester. Please visit our school website for registration. d=58&Itemid=242 

Notes: 1. 秋季学期将于9月13日开学 / Fall Semester will start on Sept 13; 2. No Priority registration for current students for existing classes; 3. Early Registration starts between 7/12-8/27. $25 registration fee will be waived before 8/27; 4. Students taking Summer Chinese class should register for next grade in the fall semester. 

We are looking forward to another wonderful year with our students.

2. Chinese AP exam results of this year/今年Chinese AP考试成绩; 

由樊惠筠老师授课的中文AP课程一直非常火。每年都有许多孩子在学完9年课程后继 续进修中文AP,取得优异成绩。这也是对9年中文学习成果的一次检验和肯定。今年 由于考试形式的变化,对同学们是一个很大的挑战。College Board的评分标准也比以 往更加严格。获得5分满分的比例从去年的66%降到今年的55%。在樊老师的带领下, 我们光华今年共有18名同学参加了AP中文考试,都取得了非常好的成绩。我们对他 们表示衷心的祝贺。他们都是我们光华的骄傲。恭喜他们。

3. Please update your email/contact info of your account; 

光华一般使用电子邮件和微信和学生/家长/社区保持联系,交流信息。基于最近的形 势,在美国能否继续使用微信存在一定程度上的不确定性。电子邮件将成为我们的主要交流方式。请大家登录自己的账户,更新电子邮件地址和电话。如果需要联系 学校,我们的邮件地址是: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Guanghua uses both e-mail and WeChat to keep in touch with students/parents/our communities and exchange information. Due to recent political unease, there is some uncertainty that WeChat service may not be available in US in the near future. Thus, email will become our main communication channel. Please log in to your account and update your email address and phone number. If you need to contact the school, our email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4. New classes offered; 

  • SAT Math Prep, 
  • SAT Reading/Writing Prep 
  • History of Chinese Culture Seminars History of Chinese Culture Seminars Series: Speaker Yue Zhang will try to explain the history of Chinese Culture in three dimensions (the thickness of the culture itself, the vertical depth of historical changes, and the horizontal breadth of culture comparison), understanding the history from both Chinese culture and Western Culture. 中国文化史系列讲座:这一系列讲座将尝试在三度空间讲解中国文化(文化自 身的厚度,历史变迁的纵向深度,以及多文化比较的横向广度),用东西方两 只眼睛同时观看中国文化。 
  • Debate Fundamental This course will introduce students to the fundamental aspects of debates. We will cover a variety of topics, all related to debate and public speaking. The three types of debate that this course will revolve around are Lincoln-Douglas debates, policy debates, and public forum debates. For the most part, students will be learning about how to create and construct cases for each of these debates. Each class will cover a different aspect of case-building, such as writing rebuttals or citing evidence, but there will also be specific classes where we simply focus on speaking skills. Participation will be a major part of this class, and all students will be taking part in mock debates to strengthen their speaking skills. This class is open to all students ages 10 and up, and no prior experience is necessary.

5. Introduction of new teachers; 

Yue Zhang, Doctor Degree of Physics. He has been working on data analysis, medical imagine processing, and science software development. In addition, Yue Zhang loves history, music, and Chinese and Western Cultures. He loves German and Austrian Art songs, Ancient Chinese Songs, and religious chorus. He was the speaker for several seminars held in Greater Philadelphia Chinese Cultural Center, including 《姜白石的自 度曲》,《牡丹亭和昆曲六百年》,etc. 

Selina Lin is a rising junior at Lower Moreland High School. She has participated in various clubs and activities at her school, and she has been in many different positions where public speaking skills come in handy. She first learned about how to debate in middle school and has since then experienced debate in many different settings, from informal classroom debates in middle school to competitive policy debates in high school. As an active member of her school’s mock trial team, a secretary in her school’s student government, and a captain of her school’s Mini-THON, she understands the importance of being an example for others and hopes to help her students build character, develop leadership skills, and gain confidence about public speaking and debating in this class. Introduction of other new teachers can be found at the following site; d=158&Itemid=221 

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