GuangHua Newsletter 20200911 No.8

Weekly Briefing: 

  1. 光华新学年欢迎您/Welcome to the New School Year of Guanghua Chinese School;
  2. Registration and Tuition Payment; 
  3. Chinese painting Classes by王璜鑫 will resume on 9/27; 
  4. Class Cancellation; 
  5. 国画讲座: 9月16日,周三, 7:30-9:30pm 
  6. 新增课程/New classes; (part 2-1) (part 2-2) 


1. 光华新学年欢迎您/Welcome to the New School Year of Guanghua Chinese School; Welcome back to school! Our New School Year will start this coming Sunday. Please check  online to find out the class time in advance. Welcome letter and detailed class instruction of virtual Zoom classroom should have been sent to students. If you still have not received  the related info, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Hotline: 215-908-3619, 215-715-8261. 

We still have limited spots available for our Chinese classes & classes of extracurricular  activities. Please visit our school website for registration. 

9/13日,学校设立了在线Information Desk,有任何问题,请来找我们; On Sept 13th, Guanghua has set up online information desk as follows, we will be there to  answer all of your questions. Looking forward to seeing you soon.  

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 215 917 6902 

Passcode: guanghua 

  1. Registration and Tuition Payment;
      1. Registration: You can switch classes and drop classes freely in the first two weeks. For those who haven’t registered yet, please go to our website to register ASAP.
      2. If the class is FULL, please find the alternative class to register, neither teacher or any team member could add extra students to the FULL class. Thank you for your cooperation. c) Tuition payment: Only two weeks left for your tuition payment. You may use paypal online to pay it now or mail your check to our office. Tuition payment must be paid by the second week. After that, $10 penalty will start from October 4th. 

 Mailing address for tuition check:  

Guanghua Chinese Association (GHCA), PO Box 1702, Blue Bell, PA 19422 

Please write your family ID on your check for reference.

3. Switching & Dropping Classes: After Sep 27, if you drop or switch class, there will be $10 charge per week. No switching is allowed after October 3rd without permission. No refund after 5th week of the semester.

4. Refund policy: All the refund requests must be processed online. 


i) Remove your class you have registered online (after September 27th, Only school can drop  classes on behalf of students);

ii) "Request a refund" at the top left of the menu

iii) Full refund will be given if your request is made within the first two weeks of each semester.  Otherwise, $30 will be deducted for the 3rd week and $40 for the fourth week. No refund will  be issued after the fifth week. 

  1. Chinese painting Classes by王璜鑫老师 will resume on 9/27; 

经学校努力,王璜鑫老师同意自9月27日起恢复中国画课程. 欢迎新老学生继续和王 老师一起学习中国画。 

Chinese painting, Sunday, 1:00-1:50pm 

By 王璜鑫老师; 

Chinese painting for Adult, Sunday, 2:00-2:50pm 

By 王璜鑫老师; 

王璜鑫老师1986年毕业于中国科学技术大学近代物理系,1992年获美国宾夕法尼亚大学物理 博士。2001年进入量化金融界,是美国华尔街 Bell Curve Capital LP公司创始人及CEO。王老师 出生于美术世家,父亲乃著名国画大师王兰若。璜鑫从小耳熏目染,还曾缀学一年在家学 画。2010年重操画笔,艺术热情重燃,在光华开办中国山水绘画近十年,桃李满天。  

自2010年以来,王老师光华中文学校开了个中国画班,颇受欢迎,教学相长,作画渐多。而 同时对中国艺术的发展历史不断思考比较,觉得中国画作为一种艺术形式,应该在世界上有 深远的影响和生命力。笔墨有如色彩,是中国艺术理念中的精华。而国画中强调的意境,则 是中国艺术所特有的。 

  1. Class Cancellation; 

The following classes have been cancelled due to low enrollment; 



Please choose other classes instead; 

  1. 中国国画讲座; 

介绍中国绘画从早期至近代的历史变迁,从欣赏角度讲述国画的特点丶要素和风格,并选 择介绍历代名家的作品。 


时间: 9月16日 周三,7:30-9:30pm; 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 215 917 6902

Passcode: guanghua 

  1. 新增课程/New classes; 

New Class Introduction/新课介绍视频如下 (part 2-1) (part 2-2) 

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