GuangHua Newsletter 20200904 No.7

Weekly Briefing: 

  1. 新学期将于9月13日开学/Fall Semester will start on 13th September;  2. 总统义工奖申请申报事宜;  
  2. 中国书法讲座: 9月9日 周三,7:30-9:30pm  
  3. 国画讲座: 9月16日,周三, 7:30-9:30pm  
  4. 讲座系列: 再叙红楼 9月5日,周六, 10:00am 
  5. 新增课程/New classes; (part 2-1) (part 2-2) 

  • Zumba(flyer at the end of the newsletter)  
  • 丙烯画课 
  • Crafting class/手工课 
  • 电玩设计/Electronic Game Design: Platform Games (For Ages 8 to 14 years) • 3D打印/3D Printing: Minecraft Creations (For Ages 8 to 14 years) 
  • History of Chinese Culture Seminars 
  • SAT Math 
  • SAT Reading/Writing 


1. 新学期将于9月13日开学/ Fall Semester will start on Sept 13;  


Fall Semester will use zoom virtual classroom;  


detailed class instruction will be sent to students one week before the classes start; Please visit our school website for registration. 

9/13日,学校设立在线Information Desk,有任何问题,请来找我们; On Sept 13th, Guanghua has set up online information desk as follows, we will be there to  answer all of your questions. Looking forward to seeing you soon.  

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 215 917 6902 

Passcode: guanghua 

  1. 总统义工奖申请申报事宜; 

一年一度(9/1/2019-8/31/2020)的总统义工奖进入最后报名落实阶段,请到学校网站查询 如何填表申报,最后截止日期为9/15/2020,请各位义工去找负责老师核实义工时间,并将 结果转发给负责老师(红霞,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)。 

  1. 中国书法讲座:

中国文字及书法的历史, 与世界其他文字在起源上的比较, 以及书法艺术的风格,演变和欣赏。 


9月9日 周三,7:30-9:30pm; 

王璜鑫老师1986年毕业于中国科学技术大学近代物理系,1992年获美国宾夕法尼亚大学物 理博士。2001年进入量化金融界,是美国华尔街 Bell Curve Capital LP公司创始人及CEO。王 老师出生于美术世家,父亲乃著名国画大师王兰若。璜鑫从小耳熏目染,还曾缀学一年在 家学画。2010年重操画笔,艺术热情重燃,在光华开办中国山水绘画近十年,桃李满天。  

自2010年以来,王老师光华中文学校开了个中国画班,颇受欢迎,教学相长,作画渐多。 而同时对中国艺术的发展历史不断思考比较,觉得中国画作为一种艺术形式,应该在世界 上有深远的影响和生命力。笔墨有如色彩,是中国艺术理念中的精华。而国画中强调的意 境,则是中国艺术所特有的。 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 215 917 6902 

Passcode: guanghua 

  1. 中国国画讲座; 

介绍中国绘画从早期至近代的历史变迁,从欣赏角度讲述国画的特点丶要素和风格,并选 择介绍历代名家的作品。 


时间: 9月16日 周三,7:30-9:30pm; 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 215 917 6902 

Passcode: guanghua 

  1. 讲座系列: 再叙红楼; 

9月5日周六上午十时欢迎大家相聚云端,继续在沈老师的指导下,再叙红楼! • 续石头的讨论 

  • 第六十三回群芳开夜宴,林黛玉抽到的是“风露清愁”芙蓉花,就此进一步探讨  芙蓉的文化渊源。 
  • 红楼里的斗草: 且说宝玉和众芳自进大观园后,弹琴下棋,作画吟诗,描鸾刺凤,  斗草簪花等等倒也十分快乐,第六十二回中的斗草游戏更是导致了香菱情解石榴裙。 

时间: 9月5日 周六,10am; 

Topic: 红楼聊天室 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 343 249 3988 

Passcode: 511466  

  1. 新增课程/New classes; 

New Class Introduction/新课介绍视频如下 (part 2-1) (part 2-2) 

丙烯画课 周日 17:00 – 17:50 

授课老师: 缪秀华 

缪老师毕业于清华大学美术学院(原中央工艺美术学院),在美国就学于加州西谷大学 美术系,曾多年从事时装设计和平面美术设计。2006年她开始致力于美术教育,如今已 有十余年的教学经验,她的教学方法和教学态度得到了许多学生和家长的认可及好评。 

缪老师教学溶东西方教学理念于一体,在传授材料的应用与技法的同时,尽量鼓励和支 持每个学生自己的风格和视觉表达,并指导学生们创作自己的艺术,学生们学会相信自 己的创造力并且用一切皆可能的视角看待这个世界。 


Crafting class/手工课 周日 17:00 – 17:50pm;  

授课老师: 陈卉 

Hui Chen received her degree in accounting. She grew up in a family with a strong passion  for art. She has been teaching children arts and crafts for 4 years now. 

Hui Chen’s teaching philosophy is to encourage students to put their own creative spin on  the projects and allow everyone to display their individual imagination through their work.  Our class will utilize a wide variety of materials and will provide students with a diverse  learning experience. Because of the online format, the class will be focused on projects that  primarily use readily available household materials such as paper towel rolls, egg cartons,  cereal boxes, water bottles, etc. 

电玩设计/Electronic Game Design: Platform Games (For Ages 8 to 14 years) During the Electronic Game Design: Platform classes, students will use Construct to create  their own video game. A platform game is a side-scrolling, Mario-type game where students  program characters and a two-dimensional obstacle course. They attempt to avoid or  overcome enemies and reach an end goal on multiple levels. At the end of the class,  students take home a copy of the game they create. 

Class time: Monday, 4:00 to 5:30 PM and 6:00 to 7:30 pm 

Sept 14, 21, Oct 5, 12, 19, 26 (6 weeks) 

Class limit: 8-12 students 

(Including Revenue Share) 

3D打印/3D Printing: Minecraft Creations (For Ages 8 to 14 years) 

3D printing and Minecraft both represent boundless opportunity for creating even our  wildest of ideas! In 3D Printing: Minecraft Creations, students will explore the basic  concepts of 3D printing and computer-aided design, or CAD, to bring their most awesome  Minecraft creation to life! Students will take their Minecraft design out of the world of  Minecraft and learn how to extrude it into a 3D model that can then be modified to be  printed in 3D. 

Class time: Saturday 4:30 to 6:00 PM and 6:30 to 8:00 pm  

Sep 19, 26, Oct 3, 10, 17, 24 (6 Weeks) 

(Including Revenue Share) 

Class limit: 8-12 students 

History of Chinese Culture Seminars

History of Chinese Culture Seminars Series: Speaker Yue Zhang will try to explain the history  of Chinese Culture in three dimensions (the thickness of the culture itself, the vertical depth  of historical changes, and the horizontal breadth of culture comparison), understanding the  history from both Chinese culture and Western Culture. 

中国文化史系列讲座:这一系列讲座将尝试在三度空间讲解中国文化(文化自身的厚 度,历史变迁的纵向深度,以及多文化比较的横向广度),用东西方两只眼睛同时观看 中国文化。 

SAT Math 

In this class, students will be taught math topics in algebra, geometry, statistics, and pre  calculus in order to prepare for both the math with and without calculator sections on the  SAT. They will be given multiple practice problems in class and learn strategies to complete  the section with both accuracy and speed. In addition to reviewing the concepts, the class  will discuss strategies for solving typical SAT questions.  

SAT Reading/Writing 

The SAT test is very important for applying to college in the USA. Although colleges  increasingly consider other aspects of the college application, raising your SAT score will  make you a contender for the highest tier colleges. Schools that claim to be “test-optional”  will still accept SAT scores and a better score will improve your chances over someone with a  lower score or no score at all. 

The SAT is split into two sections: the math section and the Reading and Writing section.  Generally, the reading and writing section is more difficult to improve, but this class will  provide you with the skills you need to succeed on this difficult part of the test.  For the reading section, we will examine specific types of tricky test questions and how they  can be easily solved, methods to approach analyzing dense texts, and how to deal with  managing time on the test.  

For the writing section, we will review and teach grammatical concepts like punctuation and  sentence structure, understand the types of questions that are presented on the test, and  introduce common test ideas like concise wording, repetition, and sentence order. This class  will use real SAT practice tests and other reputable practice material to give you a familiarity  with the testing material. 

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