Guanghua Newsletter No.17, 2020.11.13

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Weekly Briefing: 

  1. Refund has been processed; 
  2. Grade Level Speech Contest on Nov 15/ 11月15日将进行年级演讲比赛;
  3. 欢迎大家分享光华学子在课内课外所取得的成绩/成就; 
  4. Amazon Smile donation;
  5. 本周六 公益讲座/11/14:如何赢在美国大学申请; 
  6. 【中国文化史系列讲座】11/14, 从牧野之战到武昌起义 


  1. Refund has been processed; 

If you have not receive your refund, please contact us. 

  1. Grade Level Speech Contest on Nov 15/ 11月15日将进行年级演讲比赛; 本周日 11/15 下午 12:30-6:00pm 将进行 KG-G9 年级演讲比赛。参赛学生名单和比赛 具体安排都已发给任课老师,主持老师和评委。老师也已经通知到了学生和学生家 长。 请所有参赛学生,主持老师评委都按时进入比赛的 ZOOM. 

我们双语班和成人中文班的演讲比赛已在上周 11/8 日结束。结果如下。恭喜得奖的 同学们。 

We will have our grade level contest for KG-G9 this Sunday 11/15 from 12:30pm to  6:00pm. Student names and detailed contest arrangement are already sent to all teachers, host  teachers and judges. The teachers have already shared the information with the students and  parents. All related parties please log in to your own zoom class on time.  

CES and Adult Chinese speech contest has finished last week on 11/8, see result below:  Congratulations to all the winners.  

GHCS Fall 2020 Speech Contest Grade Level Winners:  

Group1: CES1 &CES2: 

 1st Place: Shaki Reddy-Sodha  

 2nd Place: Veer Reddy-Sodha 

Group2: CES3A CES3B and CES4: 

 1st Place: Washington Yuan (CES4) 

 2nd Place: Jason Hong (CES4) 

 3rd Place: Amy Kristopeit(CES3A) Olivia Mei (CES3A) Shalia Valcin(CES3B)   Kerwin Valcin(CES3B) Carol Hong (CES4) 

Group3: CES5 and CES6: 

 1st Place: Keler Huang(CES6) Emily Wong (CES6) 

 2nd Place: Nathan Choy (CES6) Wes Lee (CES6) 

 3rd Place: Leah Kristopoeit(CES6) Violent Chan (CES5) Anderson Chan (CES6) Adult Chinese: 

 1st Place: Kyle Mumbauer 

 2nd Place: Caroline Chao 

  1. 欢迎大家分享光华学子在课内课外所取得的进展/成绩/成就; 

光华藏龙卧虎,许多孩子都是多才多艺,在各方面均衡发展。我们很乐意分享我们光 华学子所取得的成绩/成就,为他/她们欢呼喝彩。欢迎家长和我们分享孩子们在课内 课外所取得的进展/成绩/成就。请将相关信息/照片/多媒体链接发送到 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.。让我们一起来分享他们的快乐。 

Many of our students are talented and have balanced development in both curricular and  extracurricular activities. We would be more than happy to hear their story and celebrate their  achievements. Parents are welcome to share with us their progress/achievements of their children  in and out of class. Please send relevant information/photos/multimedia links to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Let us cheer for them. 

  1. Amazon Smile donation: 

大家可能已经知道Amazon Smile。 这是Amazon donate给社会公益机构的方式。在Amazon购 物时,如果选择了光华作为受益机构,对购物者没有任何Extra Cost。 Amazon会donate 0.5% 的购物款给光华。一些朋友已经这么做了,光华已经收到了Amazon Smile捐赠的相关款项。 唯一的要求就是:用购物和checkout. 或者点击光华Amazon Link。 

年底的购物旺季快到了,我们倡议大家在Happy购物的同时也帮助学校。通过Amazon Smile捐 助学校。谢谢大家。 

Shop at and Amazon will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to your favorite  charitable organization—no fees, no extra cost. Please donate to our Guanghua by shopping at  Amazon.Thanks. 

  1. Seminar/公益讲座: 如何赢在美国大学申请

Time: 本周六(11/14) 10:30am, 

Host: 新世界教育中心  

特邀 《哈佛不是梦》作者,丹尼博士 

Please see the post for more info. 

  1. 【中国文化史系列讲座】11/14, 从牧野之战到武昌起义

本周六讲座的题目是【从牧野之战到武昌起义】。这一讲的内容是综览从武王灭商至民国诞 生这3千年的历史, 以及同期世界范围内发生的影响深远的重大事件。 

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Passcode: guang_hua 


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