Weekly Brief:

  1. Donation updates.
  2. Summer program Open House on Feb 4
  3. CNY Gala Audition on Feb 4
  4. SAT II Chinese Subject Model Test on March 4
  5. Accel Academy Seminar on SAT Prep classes will present on Feb 11, 2018
  6. GPCCC’s activities
  7. Student Art Exhibition and auction
  8. 中美国际来校办理签证、机票事宜 Feb 11


1. Donation updates: Thanks Jinghua He (Vivian He (何若涵)@G2A and Vincent (何若愚) @G1A for his contribution to GHCS and GPCCC. Also, we greatly appreciate Hao Li and Tingyi Zhou for their contribution even though both of their children graduated from GH.

2. Guanghua Chinese School Summer Program Open House on Feb 4th, 2018

  • Shanghai Summer Program sign-up starts at 1:00pm at Atrium, Parkhouse House, MCCC. Please bring your deposit check for sign-up.
  • GHCS summer program sign up at 1:30 pm-4:30pm.

            a. June 25 --Aug 31, 10 weeks
            b. Theme program each week
            c. Professional teachers from China and local
            d. Starting 8:00 M-F, and extended hours after 4:00pm
            e  Registration starts this Sunday, Feb 4th
            f.  Multiple discounts are applicable: Early bird discount, sibling discount, GPCCC member discount, returning camper discount, and register on site on Feb 4

Guanghua Chinese School Summer Program Teaching Assistant sign-up:

TA’s Qualification:

Ages: 14 years old and over Dependability A love of learning and children Application link: (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cpBtT2HKO295guyo4D2s0tC8u2Emfwke0jXY0Gw0suA/edit)

3. CNY Gala program audition is this Sunday at Atrium, Parkhouse Hall.

   1)The schedule is attached.

   2)Each program must be on the site FIVE minutes before your audition. If you are late, you have to take the responsibilities

   3) We have more programs this year. Therefore, if your show is not full prepared, the committee has right to cancel your program. We hope you understand.

4. SAT II Chinese Subject Model Test on March 4

We will host annual SAT II Chinese Subject Model Test and encourage students from G7 to G9 to participate:

  1. Date and Time: March 4th @12:00pm - 1:00pm
  2. Classroom: 344 Parkhouse hall
  3. Sign up before Feb 7th 2018 at ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1nuNw1kmkOoFn1JSDEMGTlkliU1f-sSM1CxJF4J17z1g/edit?uiv=1)
  4. School will pay $10 registration fee for participants. If you sign up but will not show up on the test day, you have to pay $10 to school.
  5. Any questions please contact Xianghong Zhang (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

5.Accel Academy Seminar on SAT Prep classes will present on Feb 11, 2018 @2:10pm at Room 344

As Accel Academy did last year, they will offer the SAT Prep class to our GH students. They will come to our school to do a presentation on Feb 11th, 2018. You may save you date if you are interested in the program. More details will follow.

6. GPCCC’s Activities

  • 文化中心非诚勿扰单身联谊: 鸡尾酒的调制和品尝

情人节快到了,文化中心非诚勿扰单身联谊的朋友是否期待再次相聚,来一次告别严冬,迎接春天的Party?为了让聚会更有情趣,我们特邀一位酷爱鸡尾酒的调酒爱好者卢莹为我们解析、展示如何调制鸡尾酒,欢迎大家参加学习品尝。Sign up at at https://goo.gl/forms/xMfi69bKecf4QKdA3

  • 清茗觅知音,清谈结书友


文化中心将在周六二月十日上午十时邀集读书爱好者尤其是对《红楼梦》情有独钟的朋友相聚,清茶一杯,倾听对红学造诣高深颇有见地 David Shen 开讲《红楼梦》

时间:周六 2 月10 日上午 10 时

地点:GPCCC, 905 Lenmar Drive Blue Bell, PA 19422

fee: $5

7. 为弘扬和传承中华文化,由在美留学生茅晨楷同学负责主办的“杭州伟华教育书画院学生作品赴美展览”将于二月十一日下午在光华中校大厅內进行作品展示介绍和义卖活动,所得款项将全部捐赠给光华中文学校。 热盛欢迎 各位学生和家长前来观摩欣赏并参与义卖。此次展出的字画作品来自于杭州伟华教育书画院的学生和老师。杭州伟华教育书画院创办于2012年1月,主要致力于书法、美术、写作、文言文培训,是中国美术学院美术考级定点考级单位、全国硬笔书法教育百强培训机构(学校)、曾获得“飞翔杯”全国学生书法美术大赛十强素质教育先进集体、浙江省大爱慈善基金会爱心单位,获得第18、19届全国美术书法大赛集体奖。敬请光临。

8. China USA International will be at school on Feb 11 @3:00pm for Visa and flight tickets services.

GHCS Management Team