Guanghua Chinese Association (GHCA) Weekly Newsletter for Sunday, Dec 10, 2017

Weekly briefing:

  1. Donation Update (捐款致谢)
  2. AP Academy Registration (AP署期班报名)
  3. Visa Service (护照,签证服务)
  4. Computer Club Hour of Code Event
  5. Performance on 12nd Dec 2017 (汇报演出)
  6. 武术基础讲座:Dec8, at 10-11:30am,文化中心
  7. Flower Arrangement on Dec 20. 文化中心
  8. Gym not available on 17th Dec 2017 (体育大厅关闭)


Donation Update (捐款致谢)



Donation List_GHCS/GPCCC'2017

Donor Name


Donor Name






Ernest Chiang

Jessica Chiang

Performing Art

Keying Ma

Jame Wan (万啸行)


Ming Tang

Leanne Shen

Dance Troupe

Yi Yang

Selena Liang (梁月怡)



AP Academy Registration (AP署期班报名)

AP Academy的署期班从6月25日开始到8月24日,每周三天(周一,周三,周五),然后9月开始到10月6曰,每周六,总共33节课,每次课9点-4点,费用:$4500(12月底前注册),$4700(明年1月以后注册,通用光华中文学校注册有10%优惠,今年年底前注册还会有$50 off。如您感兴趣,可以与张向红联系:(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Visa Service (护照,签证服务)

诸位光华的新朋旧友好!时间飞快,又是一个月了。我将代表公司(美亚旅游Asia Travel )于本日(12月10日)下午2-3点在317教室为大家继续提供签证、带取护照和公证认证服务。



Computer Club Hour of Code Event

The computer club is hosting the world wide Hour of Code event at GHCS from 1 - 5 pm on Sunday the 10th Dec 2017. Everyone is welcome. You can come and go at anytime you wish. We will have activities for different age groups, or if you wish you could just come and take a look. We will have computers and sectioned off areas for this event. We are also hosting a bakery sale as a fundraiser to support the Guanghua Computer Club, so please come and support the team!


Performance on 12nd Dec 2017 (汇报演出)

The 12th Dec, at 7:00pm (晚7时) 汇报演出—欢迎大家捧场观看!平安谷教会 


武术基础讲座:Dec8, at 10-11:30am,文化中心,名师团上海体育学院刘文武



Flower Arrangement on Dec 20. Centerpiece by Chen Ying


Gym is not available on 17th Dec 2017 (体育大厅关闭)

GHCS Management Team