Weekly Brief: 

1. Turn clocks back 1 hour  
2. Congratulation on Jessica Hutchison, Alissa Liu, Katherine Yang and Aaron Zhang who have received the President’s  volunteer services awards. 
Please come to the atrium, Parkhouse Hall to receive your award packages at 1:50pm Sunday Oct 29 
3. Result of the Speech Contest at the grade level  
4. Sign up for the No school day on Nov 6 & 7 
5. Sign up for the performance of the Chinese New Year Gala 2018 
6. Welcome to see the performance with “Chines Culture Paradise” group on 11/13 at MCCC’s auditorium 
7. GPCCC’s activities for signing up 
8. SAT Prep Intensive Training overnight winter camp 

1. The daylight saving time ends this weekend. Please turn your clocks back 1 hour at 2 a.m. Sunday, Nov 5. Don’t forget.

2. Guanghua has more students who have received President’s Volunteer Service Award of 2017. They are: Katherine Yang-Gold award; Jessica Hutchison and Alissa Liu – Silver award; Aaron Zhang- Bronze award. School will present the award packages and medallions to these students on Sunday Nov 5 @1:50 at the atrium, Parkhouse Hall.

3. We had another successful speech contest this year. Thanks to all of our students who have made efforts to participate this contests both on the class level and the grade level. We found more and more students have their confidence to speak Chinese and express their thoughts in Chinese. Over 80 students won the grade level contest. The winners list is attached and let us know if there are any mistakes in their names since these winners will receive a trophy at the graduation and award ceremony at the end of this school year. Also, all the Chinese class teachers should pick up certificates for those students who participated the grade level contest last Sunday at the school office this Sunday. Please contact Jing Zhang to get the certificates.

4. No School Day Service. On Nov 7, school will have a day off. If you are thinking where to send your kids for the day, come to our cultural center. We are open both days, Nov 6 and Nov 7. The open hour is 8am to 6pm. The cost is $60/day. Contact Xianghong Zhang (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for registration.

5. Chinese New Year Gala 2018--Our annual Chinese New Year Gala will be held at Upper Dublin High School Performing Arts Center on Sunday Feb 25, 2018. The following classes are eligible to perform this year.

ꞏ All A classes in each grade
ꞏ All CES classes
ꞏ All KG classes
ꞏ Both graduating G9A & B classes
ꞏ All performing arts and dance classes

To keep the total show time to under 3 hours, we limit the number of performances to one per class, with a 3 minutes’ maximum length. Thank you for understanding and cooperation.

All eligible classes are required to reply to the school about whether they will participate in the Gala performance by Nov 19, 2017, later entry will not be accepted. Here is the link for https://goo.gl/forms/7mlgxpR5PuDOsEX83

1) Each participating class needs to have one parent volunteer to help with Gala program, music and background editing of your class program. This parent volunteer will also act as communication liaison between Gala organizing committee and your class

2) Music/video/background images need to be sent to the organizing committee by Jan 21, 2018, so they will be ready to use by audition time

3) Gala program audition will be on Feb 4, 2018 for all participating classes. Audition schedule will be sent out before Jan 21, 2018. Please plan accordingly. Final accepted program list will be announced one or two weeks after the audition

4) School has reserved the Upper Dublin High School Performing Arts Center on Feb 25,2018. We’ll have dress rehearsal in the morning for the classes that want to rehearse on the Gala stage before show time

5) Wang Wei will be in charge of final Gala program editing of all performing classes, his email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6. Nov 13, Monday night 7:00pm ‐ 9:00pm 

20 of the Excellent Talented Student Delegation, Chinese Culture Wonderland hosted by Beijing Overseas Chinese Affairs Office will come to the MCCC’s auditorium to show their talents and performance with our students in our school and other Chinese schools. We cordially invite all of our families to come and support the event. Among these talented students, they are well‐known kid star in Chinese traditional opera field, singer, dancer,  old bamboo flute player, and Shaolin Tempo Kongfu students.  

7. Activities at GPCCC: 

 Yoga on Saturday Nov 4 at the Cultural Center. 6:00pm-7:00pm Instructor: He Fen.

He Fen will offer a free but donation is welcome Yoga class at GPCCC first Saturday of each month starting from this coming Saturday. Please come.

 Health seminar series, Lose weight -- 如果你总是对自己的身材不满意,如果你觉得“减肥减肥,越减越肥”,“减肥难,难于上青天“, 那么你绝对不是一个人有这样的感慨!欢迎加入我们的健身减肥大军!文化中心邀请了 Yoga Alliance RYT200 注册瑜伽老师何芬与大家分享她自己真实的减肥健身经历与经验,帮助大家追求,找到更美好的自己!Please sign up https://goo.gl/forms/WKtvbJdnlfkIsrEl1

 Tuesday Oct 14 “Road to Success”, 大學申請系列 (2)

Topic: Choosing College: myths and pitfalls to avoid, campus visiting, standard testing and related information

(The discussion will be best for sophomores and juniors, but useful for freshmen too)

Present: Mrs. Jennifer Hopkins (Upper Dublin High School College Counselor)

Date: Tuesday, 11/14/2017

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Greater Philadelphia Chinese Cultural Center

Fee: Member $10, Non-Member $20, Students are free.

Questions: Joyce 267.288.8617

 Tuesday Nov 7 Family Finance Seminar series: 家庭金融理财基础知识讲之七 税务概述,个人所得税,投资所得税,省税策略 

@7:00pm‐9:00pm;905 Lenmar Drive, Blue Bell,PA 19422 有兴趣者,请报名:https://goo.gl/forms/fbJjenbKucTvsclr2 

8. ACCEL is pleased offering SAT Prep Intensive Training overnight winter camp during winter break. The training will be from Dec 22 to Jan 2nd. It will be at Hyatt House Plymouth Meeting. The cost will be $6500 all inclusive. Early bird (before Nov 15) will have 10% discount. On top of this, if you register through our Guanghua Chinese school, you will get 2% additional discount. Contact Xianghong Zhang (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for registration. 

GHCS Management Team