Registration, Tuition and Fee Policies


  1. 注册和学费 Registration and Tuition Fee:
    • 所有注册必须在学校网站上完成。网址: . All the registration must be completed online.
    • 可以在网上用paypal付款,也可以用支票到学校办公室付款。Tuition can be paid by paypal online or pay by personal check. Check should be made payable to “ Guanghua Chinese School” or “GHCS” and put your family ID at the NOTE section.
    • 学费必须在开学后的第二周以前缴齐。否则,从第三周开始,逾期不交将罚款10元。以此类推。Tuition payment must be paid by the second week of the new semester. Otherwise, $10 late fee will be imposed to your account.
    • 新学生应缴注册费$10。 Registration fee $10 for students who registered after the early registration is ended every school year.
  2. 换课和退课 Switching & Dropping Classes:
    • 新学生可以免费试听两周Try-out period--New students have rights to try out for their classes at the first two weeks when the new semester starts. There is no charge for the try-out period.
    • 为了课堂教学正常进行,换课或换班必须在开学的前两周内进行。没有特殊原因,开学第三周换课换班的学生要多缴$10 。第四周以后,禁止随意换班换课。Switch class --After the 3rd week, there will be $10 charge if anyone switches a class. No switching is allowed after the 4th week without permission from the school management team.
    • 学生在第三周退课,学校要从其学费中扣除$30,以此类推。开学第五周以后退课,学校概不退款。Drop class--After the 3rd week, there will be $30 charge if anyone drops a class. $40 charge after the 4th week and no refund after 5th week of the semester.
  3. 退款 Refund policy:
    • 退款必须在网上申请 All the refund requests must be processed online.
    • 申请的程序 Procedure:
      • 进入你在光华学校设置的账户里,先把你注册的课取消 Log in to your account and remove your class you registered
      • 点击页面的左上角“Request Refund” Click “request a refund” at the top left menu
      • 在开学的前两周申请退款的将收到全额退款,第三周以后要求退款的,将扣除$30 ,第四周扣除$40 。Full refund will be given if your request is made within the first two weeks of each semester. Otherwise, $30 will be deducted for the 3rd week and $10 will be deducted for each additional week thereafter.