New Classes and New Teachers, 2019-2020

Chao, Yang  
北京大学物理学学士, 波士顿大学生物物理博士。热爱数学。中学时期曾多次在各类数学竞赛中获奖。自2018 年在光华教授两门课外数学课 AMC 8/Mathcounts 7 AMC10/12 希望帮助在美国学习的小朋友们发掘数学潜力, 提高数学水平。
An, Ann 
课程介绍: 学生年龄 6-7
如果你是 6 岁或 7 岁的孩子, 如果你爱画画。欢迎加入安老师的儿童画兴趣班。
在新的学年里, 安老师会带着你们学习绘画各种动物,植物,建筑以及你们最喜欢的动画片里的人物。
4.你们会学习画面背景的表达,比如天气, 室内场景, 室外场景等。
希望你们能开心认真的学习, 让自己成为一位画画小能手, 能自信快乐的画画。
Karen Li
Karen Li is a rising senior at Methacton High School. She has played tennis for eight years and trained at both Frog Hollow Tennis Club and Kinetix Sports Club. On the Methacton tennis team, she has played first singles on the middle school varsity team, as well as third singles and first doubles on the high school varsity team. 
Tennis (Beginners) is for beginners with no tennis experience required. It will allow for young players to be active and interested in tennis. The class will focus on the basic technique for forehand, backhand, and volley strokes. 
Students will improve their hand-eye coordination and be active on the court. The class will begin with dynamic stretching to warm up, and then will move onto some basic drills to develop the groundstrokes and volleys. Students will apply what they have learned in fun and engaging games.
Chen, Clare
老师简介: 毕业于上海交通大学医学院临床医学系, 担任瑞金医院住院医生三年。赴美后获 Drexel University 工商管理硕士学位。在 Pfizer 工作六年。现在在 Science Explorers 担任老师, 教授科学类课程。
Graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, School of Medicine. Completed residency at Rui Jin Hospital. Earned MBA degree from Drexel University, Bennett S. Lebow College of Business. Worked at Pfizer for six years. Currently worked as an instructor of Science Explorers, teaching after school science club lessons.
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