Guanghua Chinese Association (GHCA) Weekly Newsletter No. 30, April 14, 2019

Weekly briefing:

  1. 本周成人声乐班和儿童声乐班因故取消; 2. 4/7 火警虚报事件通报; 3. Spring Break NO School Day Service; 4. 第三届光华&飞狐春季5K05/18开跑; 5. Guanghua Chinese School Summer Camp Registration; 6. Summer Research Opportunity; 7. Activities at GPCCC--- Easter Egg Hunt event, 2-4pm on April 20; 8. 诗歌朗诵班招生考试(Poetry Recitation audition) 将于55日下午进行; 9. Chinese Talent Show, Sunday, May 12, 2019; 10. Upcoming Seminars;


  1. 本周成人声乐班和儿童声乐班因故取消;

因黄思语老师家中有事,本周日成人声乐班(Vocal Lesson for Adult, 3-3:50pm )和儿童声乐 班(Vocal lesson for kids 4-4:50pm)均临时停课一次,黄老师会在其他时间为大家补课。请各 位相互转告!

  1. 4/7 火警虚报事件通报;

上周日下午2点多上课期间,一位低年级学生不小心拉响了Parkhouse一楼的火警警报。触 发了火警应急程序。导致几十个教室,近千人的课程被迫中断,紧急撤离大楼。严重影响 了教学,并导致了安全隐患。造成了很不好的影响。虽然在我们老师,助教,家长,同学 的共同努力下,大家有序撤离。学校团队协助校警查找火警触发点,消除虚警后,让大家 安全返回教室继续上课。 但损失是实实在在的。这已经是本学年第二次因未成年儿童无故 触发火警警报导致的撤离事件。 必须引起学校,老师和家长的高度重视。请老师和家长一 定和孩子强调,火警警报器不是玩具。学校正在根据MCCC的应急程序制定我们的撤离程 序。修订后将下发到每个班级。学校研究决定:将给与无故触发火警警报的孩子家庭250美 金的罚单。以示惩戒。我们的目的不是罚款,而是引起学生和家长的重视,力争杜绝这种 影响公共安全的事故。谢谢大家理解和支持。

  1. Spring Break NO School Day Service;

The week of April 15 is spring Break. Most of schools are off for the week. We are open! If you are trying to find a place for your kids for the school off days, please consider us, Greater Philadelphia Chinese Cultural Center. During the week of April 15, we offer No School Day Service. The time is 8:00-6:00pm. Welcome to join us. Please contact Xianghobg Zhang (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for questions and registration.

  1. 第三届光华&飞狐春季5K05/18开跑;


在旖旎的春日晨光里,美丽的平安谷湖畔,携手家人,朋友们一起迈开脚步,挥洒汗水, 拥抱快乐和健康的生活! 不要担心你太慢,总有人陪你安安心心聊完全程。不要担心你太快,这里有马拉松健将们 带着你飞!不要担心你太老或太小,我们年年为跑道上耋耄老人,幼齿小儿带来的正能量 而唏嘘感叹!赶快加入我们吧! Beautiful lake views, nice flat trails, plenty of parking spaces, great place to hang out with family and friends! 注册链接: 往年5K赛精彩小视频不容错过:

  1. Guanghua Chinese School Summer Camp Registration;

We have received official approval for Qiaoban(侨办) professional teachers to come to our school and teach in our summer program. Besides that, we will also offer different themed summer program. If you are considering where to send your kids for the summer, Guanghua Chinese School Summer Program will be the place. Registration can be accepted at school office 345 this Sunday, April 14.

  1. Summer research opportunity;

Professor from Villanova will select a small group of high school students for a mini research project(Bio-Data Analysis) during summer. You may find out more detailed info through this link This program includes 10x 2.5 hour classes and a project. If you are interested, you may apply through this form AtdRymgRPT9f25FIQlz_tGUSSKt7AzEXPn-jY/edit?usp=sharing

  1. Activities in GPCCC --- Easter Egg Hunt event, 2-4pm on Saturday, April 20;

Greater Philadelphia Chinese Cultural Center will organize Easter fun day on April 20. The activities include egg hunt, face painting, etc. It is free to the kids who are 12 years old and under. Welcome to join us. You may register through this link mYDvUGA/viewform?usp=send_form&from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0 Address: 905 Lenmar Dr, Blue Bell, PA, 19422(大费城文化中心) Time: 2-4pm on Saturday, April 20

  1. 诗歌朗诵班招生考试(Poetry Recitation audition) 将于55日下午进行;

报名资格:2019-2020秋季入学的5年级 - 9年级在学学生 报名请联系: 郭荔文老师 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 报名截止日期: 430日。 课程简介:诗歌朗诵班以寓教于乐为宗旨,通过绕口令,诗朗诵,播音主持,相声小品, 讲故事等文艺形式训练学生的中文语言能力和综合表现能力。

  1. Chinese Talent Show 2019;

The first Talent show of Guanghua Chinese School will be held at MCCC auditorium on 5:30-7:30pm, Sunday, May 12, 2019.

  • All students, teachers, TAs in Chinese School are eligible to perform;
  • To keep the total show time to less than 1.5 hours, all the performance within 3 minutes

maximum length. Thank you for understanding and cooperation.

  • You may use the following link to register your program before April 14, 2019, later entry will not be accepted.
  • Music/video/background images need to be sent to Wei Wang (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by April 21, 2019, so they will be ready by show time.
  1. Upcoming Seminars;

1) Seminar Topic: 川普新税法及应对策略

由于上次讲座人数众多,有些朋友们没座位进去听,这一周我们给大家再提供同样的主 题,欢迎你!我们一生中,什么事情让我们花销最多?买房子?交学费?办结婚?看病? 交税?什么事情会伴随你这一辈子都要做呢?知识就是力量!知识用上了会更有力量!如 何用?本周末将有资深家庭规划专家为你解答如下常见问题:

  1. 川普税改第一年,有什么具体变化? b. 如何填报新增的Schedule 1,2,3,4,5,6? c. 什么情况下填 Schedule A,B,C,D,E d. 将来的税率走向如何? e. 房地产投资和股票投资省税有哪些窍门? f. 大学的学费真的比工资增长的快吗? g. 你想什么时候退休? 退休后就一定少交税吗? 退休资源从哪来? h. 如何解决长期护理问题?养儿真的防老吗? 讲员毕业于康奈尔大学,从事金融行业近十年,有丰富的经验。帮助过很多家庭拿到 financial Aid, 省税计划,规避风险,等等。她将给您分享,优化家庭报税策略,越早规 划,受益越多! Date: 3/31/2019 周日 2-4pm Address: 光华中文学校 344 教室

2) 《探索中华文化的魅力》公益讲座,欢迎注册 rYnzBwMxz00KzDiIsjlmT0y6vN2i_74v915AgRBYLq19_w/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&fro m=singlemessage&isappinstalled=0

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