Weekly briefing: 

 1. IMPORTANT reminder: Classroom change

 2. Class cancellation

 3. Registration & Tuition payment

 4. Info of Field Game Day: 2018光华秋季运动会事宜 (Info on the field game on Sunday Sept 23)

运动会裁判会议将于本周日 916日)下午2点在学校办公室召开。Referrers Meeting at 2:00pm Sunday Sep 16 at the school office 345

5. 2018 President's Volunteer Service Award Ceremony will be held on Sunday, Sept 23

6. Activities at the Cultural Center

7. Seminar: 

How to get into the top colleges by Jen Zhao (Sunday, Sep 30)

Computer Science Education for Young Students (Sunday, Oct 7)

High School Math Tests and Computational Math (Sunday, Oct 21)                 


 1). Important Reminder

  • KGA(2:00-3:50pm) by Sun, Qinlu changes to Room 103
  • KGB(2:00-3:50pm) by Liu, Yuan changes to Room 104
  • Arts by An, Ann(1-1:50pm) changes to Room 103
  • Keyboard by Liu Yuan(1-1:50pm) changes to Room 104
  • Performing Arts (7-8) by Li, Jiao(1-1:50pm) changes to Room 316
  • Performing Arts (>9) by Li, Jiao(4-4:50pm) changes to Room 316
  • Adult Dance 1 by Li, Jiao(2:00 - 2:50) changes to Room 316
  • Adult Dance 2 by Li, Jiao(3-3:50pm)changes to Room 316
  • CES3 by Joy Hutchison, Joy(2-3:50pm) changes to Room 114
  • Poetry Recitation by Guo, Liwen(1-1:50pm) changes to Room 318
  • Public Speech & Debate by Cai, Ryan changes to Room 327

2) Class cancellation: Wei Qi class has been canceled due to low enrollment

3) Registration and Tuition Payment

a)       Registration: You can switch classes and drop classes freely in the first two weeks. For those who haven’t registered yet, please go to our website to register ASAP.

b)      If the class is FULL, please find the alternative class to register, neither teacher or any team member could add extra students to the FULL class. Thank you for your cooperation.

c)       Tuition payment: Only two weeks left for your tuition payment. You may use paypal online to pay it now or drop your check on Sunday. Tuition payment must be paid by the second week. After that, $10 penalty will start from Sep 23.

d)      Switching & Dropping Classes: After Sep 23, if you drop or switch class, there will be $10 charge per week. No switching is allowed after Sep 30 without permission. No refund after 5th week of the semester.

e)      Refund policy: All the refund requests must be processed online.


i)        Remove your class you have registered online

ii)       "Request a refund" at the top left of the menu

iii)     Full refund will be given if your request is made within the first two weeks of each semester. Otherwise, $30 will be deducted for the 3rd week and $40 for the fourth week. No refund will be issued after the fifth week.

 4). Info of Field Game Day: (Sunday, Sept 23)


  • On Sunday, Sept 23, we will hold our annual Field Game day at Montgomery County Community College. Detailed info will be announced shortly. There will be NO classes on Sept 23 including all the sport classes at Gym. NO adult basketball class and badminton class scheduled. 9月23日我们将召开2018秋季运动会. 具体的内容随后发出。9月23日学校所有课程取消. 体育馆关闭,成人篮球和羽毛球课取消。我们欢迎更多的志愿者加入我们的裁判队伍。有意者请与学校联系。
  • 运动会裁判会议将于本周日 916日)下午2点在学校办公室(345教室)召开。请各位主裁,志愿者准时到会确定运动会细节。

All the referrers and volunteers for the field game will have a meeting at the school office (345 classrooms) 2 o'clock in the afternoon this Sunday (September 16). If you are interested in being a volunteer, please come to the meeting. Welcome!

  • Bakery sale Competition will be held at the field game. All the Chinese classes welcome to participate!

5) 2018 President's Volunteer Service Award Ceremony will be held on Sept 23, before field games.

We will honor all the recipients of 2018 President's Volunteer Service Award. Let’s celebrate this special event together.

6) Activities at the Cultural Center 905 Lenmar Dr, Blue Bell, PA 19422

a. Chess Club today night 7:00pm
b. Dream of the Rad Chamber Book Club Saturday Sep 15 @10 am. No sign up requested. $5 per person.
c. Flower Arrangement on Wednesday Sept 19, @7:00pm. Sign up requested https://goo.gl/forms/MNNZQCP7xyvW0Ogt1
d. Mid-Autumn Family Night, on Saturday Sept 22 @7:00pm-10:00pm. Welcome to celebrate the mid-autumn festival together, singing, dancing, play cards, taste moon cake. Fruit and water will be provided. Member free, $5 per person, $10 per family. Sign up form will be sent out shortly

 7). Seminars

  • How to get into the top colleges by Jen Zhao on Sep 30 at Room 344, @2:00-4:00pm

To meet more parents’ requirement, Jen Zhao will offer another seminar on Sep 30. It will be free. This seminar will focus on how the student can create their competitive edge by strategically customizing their high school careers, both academically and extracurricular-wise. Jen will also discuss the college application process and how the student can package their attributes and accomplishments through the essays, resume and interviews in order to stand out among  the peers. The seminar is led by Jennifer, who graduated from UPenn's Wharton School and has worked on Wall Street in NYC for more than six years.

  • Computer Science Education for Young Students, Sunday, Oct 7 at Room 344, @2;00-4:00pm

Topic--Tween and Teen: The Golden Ages of CS Education

  • The advantages of young students in learning programming
  • The opportunities for high school students with CS education


  • High School Math Tests and Computational Math on Oct 21 @2:00 Room 344

Intro various math tests in high school and math competitions in middle & high school

GHCS Management Team