New Classes and New Teachers, 2018-2019

Beginner Tennis Course by Karen Li

This class is for beginners with no tennis experience required. It will allow for young players to be active and interested in tennis. The class will focus on the basic technique for forehand, backhand, and volley strokes. Students will improve their hand-eye coordination and be active on the court. The class will begin with dynamic stretching to warm up, and then will move onto some basic drills to develop the groundstrokes and volleys. Students will apply what they have learned in fun and engaging games.

About the teacher:

Karen Li is a rising junior at Methacton High School. She has played tennis for seven years and trained at both Frog Hollow Tennis Club and Kinetix Sports Club. On the Methacton tennis team, she has played first singles on the middle school varsity team, as well as third singles and first doubles on the high school varsity team.

Web Programming by Jeff Loi, 12pm-12:50pm

Introduction to server-side programming  (size: 15)

You will learn the concepts of web server and server-side technology, creating dynamic pages with server-side programming in PHP; and advanced CSS/JS/JQuery programming. 

Requirements: Completed the Computer Coding class or experience with HTML/CSS/Javascripts.  Age: 12+ 

Web Programming: Introduction to HTML/CSS/JavaScript  (size: 10) by Jeff Loi, 1pm-1:50pm

You'll learn to write web pages using HTML elements and CSS, and program in JavaScript to makes pages dynamic and interactive.  Age 11+

About teacher: 美国机械工程专业和计算机专业硕士。 从事IT工作20年 

AMC8/MATHCOUNTS by Yang Chao 1pm-1:50pm

AMC8 is a math competition held by Mathematical Association of America (MAA). It provides an opportunity for middle school students to develop positive attitudes towards analytical thinking and mathematics that can assist in future careers. The course is designed for middle school students preparing for Mathcounts and AMC8 exams. The course will cover a variety of mathematical topics, including Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory and Combinatorics, which are at level of Mathcounts and AMC8 exams. It is intended for students of 7th or 8th grade who are interested in math and like to enhance their math knowledge and problem-solving skills. 6th grade students with strong interest and advanced mathematical knowledge are also encouraged to join.

AMC10/12 by Yang Chao 2:00pm-3:50pm

The AMC 10 and AMC 12 are both 25-question, 75-minute, multiple choice examinations in high school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem-solving skills. It is the first in a series of competitions that eventually lead all the way to the International Mathematical Olympiad.

The course is designed for high school students preparing for AMC10/12 exams.  The course will cover a variety of mathematical topics, including Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory and Combinatorics, which are at level of AMC10/12 exams. It is intended for students of 9th or 10th grade who are interested in math and like to enhance their math knowledge and problem-solving skills. 8th grade students with strong interest and advanced mathematical knowledge are also encouraged to join.

About the teacher:

晁阳, 本科毕业于北京大学物理系。高中毕业于北京四中。 热爱数学。中学时期曾多次在各类数学竞赛中获奖。 希望帮助在美国学习的小朋友 们发掘数学潜力, 提高数学水平。

Introduction to Biology by Miranda Song,1:00pm-1:50pm

This course covers the basic concepts of the role of DNA, human body systems, and proper nutritional values. Students will learn about how the DNA works and the eleven body systems such as the skeletal, muscular, digestive, etc. Students will also learn about the fundamentals of a balanced diet. This is a highly recommended course for middle school and high school students who eventually want to take higher level biology courses. Adults are also welcome. Sign up now for this informative and interactive course! Limited spaces available.

About the teacher:

Miranda Song is a rising junior at Central Bucks High School South. In spring of 2018, Miranda competed at the HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) State Competition and won first place in the event Medical Math. She also has competed for four years at Science Olympiad Regionals and medaled in the event Anatomy & Physiology. Miranda took two courses, Introduction to the Biomedical Sciences and Neuroscience, at the Johns Hopkins University summer program. She has an in-depth understanding of human body systems and the brain’s neural networks.

CML (G3-G6) by James Peng 1:00pm-1:50pm

Course Description

In this elementary competition math class, students will practice and prepare for the Continental Math League (CML) and Math Olympiad Contest problem for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS). All the materials in class are complementary to what is taught in school and designed to promote children's interests in doing challenging math. In the class, the students will be given time to work independently to answer problems and the teacher will spend time teaching the required math concepts and, more importantly, go through the problem-solving strategies, including basic geometry, fractions, ratios, arithmetic, logic, mathematical models (algebra without algebra), and identifying patterns/sequences . Homework should take no more than an hour per week and is similar to the topics covered in class. This course will prepare the elementary school students in grade 3-6 to for elementary school math competitions (such as CML, MOEMS, Math Kangaroo, etc.) and will also develop skills for the ir future math competitions in middle school and even lower high school.

About the teacher

James is a rising sophomore at Upper Dublin High School. An avid mathematician, James was on the 1st place team at the MathCounts Valley Forge Chapter, 3rd place team at the Pennsylvania MathCounts states competition, the distinguished honor roll (top 1%) for the AMC 8, and the honor roll (top 2.5%) of the AMC 10. He has also scored a perfect score on the SAT math level 2. James considers himself an energetic, positive, and spontaneous individual. In addition to mathematics, he also enjoys debate, public speaking, and physics. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, tennis, board games, and food (specifically ramen and cookies). 

MathCount for Beginners by Peter Liu and Thomas Deng

Course Description: MathCounts Beginner is an introductory to medium level class, designed for students in 5th to 7th grade who want to prepare MathCounts school/chapter level. The course will introduce students to a wide range of topics covered by MathCounts contest including Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory and Counting Probability. No textbook required. Students will be assigned weekly homework. Each week will consist of homework review, concept discussion, mock test and team activity.

About teacher : Peter Liu is a rising freshman at Upper Dublin High School. Peter placed 1st in MathCounts Valley Forge chapter and 4th in Pennsylvania state competition and represents state of Pennsylvania in the National MathCounts competition in 2018. Peter earned perfect score in AMC 8 in 7th grade and distinguished honor roll in AMC10 in 8th grade. He qualified for AIME(American Invitational Mathematics Exam) since 7th grade. Peter is also a member of Lehigh Valley American Regions Mathematics League (ARML).

Thomas Deng will be an 8th grade student at Sandy Run Middle School. Thomas placed 3rd in MathCounts Valley Forge chapter. Thomas earned distinguished honor roll in AMC8 in 6th grade. He qualified for AIME in 7th grade. Thomas is also a member of ARML.

Both Peter and Thomas enjoy working with young students and are excited to teach the MathCounts Beginner class.

SAT Reading & Writing by Aaron Liao 1:00-1:50pm

Class Description: This class will focus on the English portion of the SAT, which includes the SAT Reading and Writing sections. In this course the students will learn valuable strategies that will help them complete the SAT English sections. The SAT Reading portion of the class will focus on helping students with their critical reading and analysis skills, while the SAT Writing portion of the class will focus on learning the mechanics and grammar needed to complete the Writing section of the test.

About teacher: Aaron Liao currently a Junior (11th grade) at The Shipley School and He finished taking the SAT last two year and received final score was a 1530/1600.  

SAT Bio/Chem by Jun Zhou (周俊)

自我介绍:  学业经历丰富,长期在高校系统授课,拥有生物科学博士学位。 在美学术机构长期从事生物化学相关工作, 积累了丰富的知识体系和应用实践。 熟悉美国课堂教学和考试风格。历经考场的个人经历和对周围学生的观察了解, 深知作为一名教师在指导和帮助学生高效能学习取得丰硕成果的重要作用。职场需要,练就了娴熟的英文演讲和授课技能, 中英文教学均可。

课程介绍:开设Intensive SAT Biology/Chemistry Test class。严格按照College Board设置的课程目标和知识技能范围,编写模拟SAT Biology/Chemistry的考试真题,每堂课以考试的形式严格要求学生在规定的时间内完成。 在一堂50分钟的教学中,前30分钟学生完成45 道选择题的考试。余下的20分钟总结和讲授前一节课考试结果,并解惑答疑。Biology 和Chemistry 课程每周交替进行。 通过高强度的考试内容和技能训练,提高繁忙的高中生的学习效率和成果。

Guanghua Instrument Club (光华小乐队) by Ines Mula Garrido


About teacher:Ms. Garrido began playing piano at the age of 8, performed her first piano concert at the age of 9 and began composing at the age of 10. She graduated in Piano with Honors and Distinction at the age of 17 and have since gone on to perform by invitation around the globe including many parts of Europe, North America and China.

Guitar for beginner by Su Zhan


教师简介: 怀着对音乐的热爱,从高中开始系统学习吉他弹唱,吉他演奏,演奏吉他十余年。曾经是乐队主唱及节奏吉他手,做过酒吧驻唱(自弹自唱)歌手,有丰富的表演经验。